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August 18, 2018

August 18,2018

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I am so happy and excited! Today is day 4 of not having to take insulin!!

I have been doing the Keto diet plan and it’s working.


I started playing around with keto at the end of May. I weighed 217.5 on May 31. In two days, on June2, I weighed 215.6. Then June¬† 6, I was down another pound to 214.6. So, that first week I had lost just over 3 pounds. My blood sugar (bg) was awesome too. It was running in the 80’s and 90’s.

I had a scheduled doctor appointment and told him about the success I was having. He thought I would be a good candidate for a new drug. Still a shot, but not pure insulin and I would only have to take 1 shot a day. I happily took my sample pens home to give it a try. Lets just say it didn’t work. I kept to the same keto I had been eating, but my blood sugar shot up. I had been so happy to be able to stop the fast acting insulin before meals and now, this new medicine wasn’t working. I was so discouraged. Would I ever be able to get off the insulin and be a former diabetic?

I left on our beach vacation with both types of insulin in the cooler. I was taking 35 units in the morning and 10 units (sometimes more) with meals. We had a great trip and I ate lots and lots of fresh gulf shrimp.

When we left on vacation, I weighed 209.4 and when we got back, I weighed 212.8. I had only gained 3.4 pounds, so I was happy.. We got back on July 15, my 54th birthday. This was the first time I can remember not having a cake for my birthday.

I weighed again on July 17 and the scale said 212.8. A week later on the 24th, I was down to 205.8, a loss of 7 pounds. Unfortunately I was still taking the insulin. also, since I had tried the new medicine, the bg numbers would not come back down. It was like they were stuck on high numbers. I was so discouraged and frustrated about that, and at the same time I was happy with the weight loss. I kept telling myself that maybe, if I lost the weight, then the numbers would come down. So, I stuck with it.

By July 30, I was down another pound to 204.8. If my first mistake was to try the new medicine, my second one was to try the 5 day keto egg fast. I had heard so many good things about it. people were saying that they lost 7 to 10 pounds. I wanted in on that!

I stuck to the egg fast for 6 days. Yes I know it’s a 5 day thing, but I was just so hopeful.

When I started, I weighed 204.8. Six days later I was all the way down to 203.4. That’s right, I lost 1.4 pounds and was tired of eggs. Sigh, as far as I was concerned, it was a wasted week. I was faithful to the diet so, the only thing i can think was that it didn’t work because I am diabetic. The only thing good about that week was that my bg numbers finally came down and I was able to stop the before meal insulin shots.

The egg fast put me weighing in at 203.4 and another week later on Keto, I was down to 202, on August 11. By this time I had already dropped my morning (long acting) insulin down to 25 units in the morning.

By August 14, I was down another pound, to 201 and for the first time, I did not take any insulin all day. That was on Tuesday.  Wednesday the 15th, I was at 200 and had met my first weight goal and was off my insulin. Friday I was 198.4!

Today my bg was 113. I was worried about it because we went to eat at Cracker Barrel with the family last night. I had the grilled chicken tenders with a side salad of lettuce and cheese with ranch dressing and green beans. No insulin for me today! Day number 4 being insulin free! My weight this morning was 197.6. I’m down 14.2 pounds since we got back from our vacation!




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